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Welcome to the team Windows Phone users! Also, we’ve been accepted to the “hottest developer program in the world”

Starting on September 30, 2014, Perfect Kick, the worlds largest online soccer penalty shoot out game, will be available world wide to players on all Windows Phone ecosystems.

Perfect Kick on Windows phones

Bringing Perfect Kick to Windows users was always in the works but thanks to recently being selected into the AppCampus development program, the game can now be enjoyed by Windows users much sooner than expected.

App Campus Program

It is now available here:


The timing couldn’t be more perfect for our new Windows users as a slew of new Perfect Kick updates are to be released this fall. New power-ups, balls, and a special Halloween kit in addition to a few more surprises can be expected. So remember to log-in for the latest updates and lead your team to glory! Also … you should follow us on Facebook.

*The AppCampus program started in May 2012 as a joint program between Aaloto Univeristy, Microsoft and Nokia. Their aim is to drive innovation and business development for the Windows Phone ecosystem to create a new generation of self-sustaining mobile startups. Perfect Kick is one of 361 out of 4298 projects that were approved as of September 2014.